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2012′s Results Are In And It Was Another Market Beating Year Across All of Momentum Rider Stock Trading and Investor Services (Learn More)

Momentum Rider is a revolutionary stock trading system that can potentially improve your stock trading and investing results by helping to identify the best stocks and investments options through technical stock analysis and market research. The momentum stock trading system has been outperforming the market consistently since its beginning in late 2004. The company’s main goal is to help educate people to become smarter investors and make more money from stock market trading and investing. Please come join in the Momentum Rider Stock Trading System’s proven success.

Find out how MR has significantly beat the market with all of their model portfolios every year since 2004. Here are 2010 and 2011 Results (Click Here). For results from 2004 through 3Q of 2012 (Click Here). And, 2013 has been one of our biggest years ever so find out more now!


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Brief Summary of the Momentum Rider Services (Learn More)

Momentum Rider divides their products into 7 Major Categories that help investors focus in on their individual stock trading systems and investment styles.
Premium MembershipsThese Premium Memberships were created so customers could get a deeply discounted package of the most popular services.
Free and fee-based subscription E-Newsletters - MR currently has 3 different offerings that are designed to provide market commentary, education, and some individual stock, ETF, and income highlight picks.
Portfolio Builder HOT ListsFor investors that enjoy making their own stock selections.
Managed Model PortfoliosFor individual investors who don’t have the time or expertise to pick stocks or manage portfolios on their own.
Options TradingBased on the exceptional performance results from ETF and stock trading and investing, this service offers the possibility of even higher returns using options trading strategies.
Education - Investor and stock trader education  is our primary focus. We offer a video training series, webinars, seminars and advanced training courses for both the average investor and the professional.
Specialty ConsultingA cornerstone of the Momentum Rider business, we are available for creating custom portfolios, performing portfolio assessments and reviews, and providing timely stock trading lists for professional clients.

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