ETF Market Beater

Price: $67.00/month
Sale Price: $39/month

This service is one of MR’s original product offerings that was started in 2005 when ETFs were just beginning to be purchased more prevalently. ETFs are an excellent way of trading or investing by using diversification with Market ETFs and for tactical and focused trading with Sector ETFs.

For the empowered investor, MR has a whole suite of Investor Model Portfolios. A large percentage of the historic returns from the stock market have been from dividends. MR strongly believes in finding stocks that are not only poised for strong capital appreciation but that have strong dividends. They also have been offering this ETF Market Beater Model porftolio for investors that want to simplify their investing process.

Seven reasons ETFs are very attactive:

(1) They are very cheap and easy to trade because they trade like a stock.
(2) They are more tax efficient compared with Mutual Funds.
(3) Most of them are very liquid and many have liquid options available.
(4) They have lower fees and do not have restrictions on how long they need to be held in the account.
(5) There is a huge list and variety of ETFs to choose from so the selection is vast.
(6) ETF products offer large diversification with exposure to country and regional market products and good depth with their sector and specialized products.
(7) Leveraged ETF products (2X or 3X) offer excellent short term trading vehicles for those that want alternatives to using options.

ETF Market Beater: Beating the Market with Top ETFs

  • Designed for Intermediate Term Traders to Long Term Investors seeking steady market growth.
  • Model Portfolio typically holds 6 to 12 individual ETFs that are based on both tactical or strategic balancing and some market timing
  • Ideal for investors that don’t want individual stock risk but still want market exposure and market beating gains.
  • This original portfolio subscription has crushed the market every year since 2005;
    • 2005 Return: +34%
    • 2006 Return: +28%
    • 2007 Return: +48%
    • 2008 Return: +18%
    • 2009 Return: +87%
    • 2010 Return: +55%
    • 2011 Return: +25%
  • FREE BONUS: Access to the MR Momentum Profit Indexes ($59 per month value)

This ETF Market Beater Model Porfolio service is specifically designed to take advantage of both the breadth and depth of ETF offerings.

  • MR strongly believes that with basic Market and Sector Timing, Top Down Analysis, Momentum and Value Selection, and Optimized Position Weighting, this portfolio can significantly outperform the S&P 500 and it has.
  • The superior results from this ETF portfolio were achieved by carrying between 6 to 12 “optimally-weighted” ETF positions.
  • This service has beaten the S&P 500 since 2005 by 300% and that is NOT a compounded return!
  • MR could also argue that this service had more diversification and less correlated risk in order to achieve those results as well. Note how we were still up for the year even in 2008.

Price: $67.00/month
Sale Price: $39/month

($59 per month value)

It is a very straightforward strategy of being long the strongest momentum sectors and markets and taking profits when the market turns down with momentum. So far in this service, MR has not used inverse or short ETFs to get the returns but they did use market timing in 2008.

  • ETFs trade like stocks so customers can get in and out of them instantly and with low trading fees.
  • Furthermore, because of the large diversity of individual holdings, ETFs do not suffer from the occasional large negative surprises of individual stock issues: poor earnings results, accounting fraud, drug approval failures, broker downgrades, lawsuits, etc.
  • The larger beta variations around owning certain individual stocks is completely avoided by using the broader based ETFs.

The ETF Market Beater model portfolio is offered as a monthly auto-renew subscription.

  • The ETF Market Beater portfolio is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – even after the market closes these picks are always available on our website.
  • The customer will typically have 6 to 12 specially selected and weighted ETF’s to choose from that contain some of MR’s hottest and diversified selections. MR expects these ETF’s to provide steady growth all year in a non-bear market.
  • If you are interested in a consistent outperformance of the general market, this service will give you some very good ETF candidates to choose from.
  • Remember, as MR does in all of their model portfolios, they make all of the buy and sell recommendations so that you don’t have to do all of the work.
  • This Model Portfolio is traded during the year so the positions will change depending on the markets’ actions. Choppy market years may result in more frequent trading. Bear markets will result in a reduction in the total number of positions during that time.
  • Benefit from 6 years of excellent and proven market smashing results.

If you had subscribed to this service in the in 2009, your portfolio would have been up +87%. In 2010 the return was +55% and in 2011 up over +25%.  I am sure you would agree that those kind of returns would be great for your retirement account.

Isn’t this simple but very profitable service worth a try? And it comes with a very valuable stock selection service for FREE.

FREE BONUS: Take advantage of the free access to MR’s proprietary MOMENTUM PROFIT INDEXES which has a value of $995 year.

The ETF Market Beater Model Portfolio subscription comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Join this subscription service today and start on your new path to better trading and investing!

Price: $67.00/month
Sale Price: $39/month

($59 per month value)