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The MR Power Stock Newsletter is an ideal way to sample MR services for FREE!

  • The newsletter starts with a brief market commentary and short term trading outlook.
  • Next it provides 5 power picks that give you a view into the world of momentum trading in each newsletter.
  • The typical target hold time for these power picks is several days to a month or less depending on the market and how the individual picks are trending.
  • Occasionally, the newsletter will also pick an Intermediate Term pick that has the potential to be held several months or more.
  • As part of the Power Stock pick service, the picks include a risk rating, a trade type (i.e. Long or Short), the entry date and price range recommendation, and a stop price.
MR Power Stock E-Newsletter: Learn the Power of Momentum Trading
  • Market Commentary and Analysis Twice Weekly
  • 3 to 6 Momentum Stock Picks Each Newsletter
  • Periodic Stock and Market Chart Analysis and Education
  • FREE delivery via email or available on the website
  • NEW: Access to the MR Active Trader HOT Lists with (13) Technical Trade Setup Lists and (9) Theme Lists (click here for more info)

The MR Power Stock Newsletter is currently a free subscription.

  • The MR Power Stock Newsletter’s HOT Momentum picks are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – even with the market closed these picks are always available on the website.
  • Time your explosive short term trades no matter what the market is doing with access to strong momentum longs or shorts every week on Sunday and Wednesday nights.
  • Use MR’s stock scanning expertise and the recommended entry and exit prices to make your trading easier and less time consuming.
  • Educational chart highlights are also selectively included in the newsletter.
  • Uncover the strongest stocks by using the top Momentum picks. Many of the picks will end up being the largest gainers or losers (in the case of shorts) for the upcoming days or weeks. And now the picks include access to the MR Active Trader HOT Lists.
  • Benefit from MR’s 7 years of excellent and proven market smashing results.

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